Well-timed Maintenance

Invest in your Investment

Your car is an investment, so make sure you are taking care of it! The year and model of the vehicle can change your maintenance, but for the most part, following the schedule we provide below will ensure your car works well for many miles.

Some of our service are designed as a package because the services or repairs overlap, and if performed separately would cost you more money and take longer.

If you notice your Honda or Acura acting strangely then please take note to when, where and how it is acting up. This will help us diagnose the issue quickly and accurately.

And remember- you only need to return the the Dealership for warranty repairs. As long as you can show that regular maintenance has been performed, then your factory warranty will remain intact. See Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975 for legal details.

  • Change your car's oil every 12 months or 7500 miles with synthetic oil- your engine is the heart of your car, and the motor oil is the blood of the engine.
  • Keep an eye on your tires- visually inspect all four tires for tread wear, bulges, and pressure. These are the #1 cause of tire failure.
  • Keep your tires rotated often and make sure the Alignment stays true- poor tire rotation schedule and not proper Alignment causes uneven and premature tire wear.
  • Major service intervals- typically every 30k miles- in addition to oil change and tire rotation, this is the recommended time for Transmission Fluid service, replacement of Engine and Cabin (HVAC) Air Filter replacement, Brake Fluid service, Coolant service, Rear Differentail Fluid service, and Fuel Injection cleaner.
  • Timing Belt Service- Most car is every 105k-110k mile or 10 yr interval. Which ever comes first. A complete Timing Belt service typically includes, Timing Belt, Timing Belt Tensioner, Water Pump, Outer Drive belt and new Coolant.
  • Keep an eye and ear out of odd noises, or fluid leaks and have looked at professionally to determine the severity of the problem.
  • If you decide to shop around, make sure you are comparing apple to apple repairs or service. Not all shops perform the exact service or repair.


 Congratulations on your Honda or Acura! You made a wise choice- these cars usually give you 200,000 miles or more of life. At Four Star Import our professional technicians provide you with proper maintenance to make sure your car has a long and healthy life.  Call or email us today!

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